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Positano Cars
The fleet of Amalfi Limos: Mercedes and full optional Fiats

Amalfi Limos think first and foremost for the safety of its’ customers: all cars are duly audited and monitored so frequently so that they are 100% perfect and safe.

The cars available are:

positano cars mercedesMercedes 200 E (4 seats)

This is the perfect car for those who are looking for maximum comfort, safety and excellent performance without forgetting the elegance. Mercedes E­Class car that is in fact really classy.

Mercedes Viano (7 seats)

This car combines the elegance and class of a Mercedes car with the comfort of a van, an excellent solution for groups, for transfers and for all those who wish to travel in relaxation with comfort and safety. There is also ample space for luggage.

Mercedes Vito (8 seats)

Versatile, large, and spacious, Vito is the ideal solution for every need. All passengers have access to a large space, comfortable seat and ergonomic. This car can also be used on any terrain and in all driving conditions. The air conditioning can be adjusted in many different ways, so that all passengers can enjoy the temperature they each desire.

Fiat Scudo (8 seats)

This is the ideal solution if you want to get in an Italian car during your vacation. Its’ lines are elegant and of great value and the interior is very cozy and comfortable. The Fiat Scudo is safe, comfortable and spacious with sliding side doors and also offers ample space for all your luggage.